Many issues relating to children can arise following the breakdown of a marriage or other relationship. Those issues are often the most emotionally painful. A child arrangements order may be needed if couples struggle to reach an agreement about which parent a child should live with or how much time should be spent with each parent.

My Husband retained my young daughter after a weekend contact visit and made false allegations that I was an unfit Mother, leaving me distraught. Juliette made an emergency court application for me and we got my daughter back. Juliette reassured me all the way through and gave me the confidence to carry on. I can’t thank her enough.
Jessica served as lead Solicitor in my divorce; my highly contested financial court application and my children court proceedings. She was highly personable and understanding of my situation. I am forever grateful for her counsel. As a satisfied former client, I highly endorse Jessica for her counsel in matters of family law.
At Peters May, we can guide you in liaising with your former partner or their solicitor to reach an agreement. If it is proving impossible for both parties to agree, we can help you make an application to the court. A Judge will then make a decision based on your child’s best interests.

It may be that your former partner is threatening to relocate overseas with the children or that you are considering relocating with them following the breakdown of your relationship. To permanently remove the children from the jurisdiction you will need to obtain the permission of the court or your former partner’s consent. We can help you manage this process or if necessary defend an application brought by your former partner.
Family law is inherently complex. For thoughtful, expert advice do get in touch.
Both in financial matters and regarding my children, Juliette has given me the confidence to remain strong and stay true to what I felt was best. Most importantly for me however, is that she couples these valuable skills with her natural re-assurance and genuine empathy. Her desire to go the extra mile for her clients is evident on a daily basis and I would not hesitate to recommend her or Peters May.
As a mother herself, Juliette understood the delicate nature of dealing with child access and 'custody' matters. These skills enabled her to provide a full service for me to resolve all aspects of the divorce situation in as painless manner as possible.
Juliette’s superior knowledge of family law meant that we could apply it more effectively to achieve a divorce which had seen, at one point, my husband trying to strike out my petition in court. Juliette also had a maternal concern and oversight for my daughters.
Juliette and Jessica worked in partnership to get me the fair financial result that I wanted. I will be eternally grateful to them for their guidance, strength and humour at a very difficult time.
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