Things often do not go to plan in life and divorce can be complex. Finding the right lawyer to take you on that difficult journey is vital. Not only should they offer expertise and experience, but empathy too. They will be by your side every step of the way, so their understanding of the intricacies of the process is paramount.

Jessica served as lead Solicitor in my divorce; my highly contested financial court application and my children court proceedings. She was highly personable and understanding of my situation. I am forever grateful for her counsel. As a satisfied former client, I highly endorse Jessica for her counsel in matters of family law.
Juliette acted for me in a particularly difficult, acrimonious divorce from a husband qualified in the legal profession. She has a razor sharp attention to detail, very tenacious and extremely knowledgeable. I have recommended a number of friends to her, including high net worth individuals who have all been delighted with the outcome of their particular matters. Juliette has to be one of the very best in her field.
Whether you’ve made the decision to file for divorce after trying to reconcile a difficult relationship, or have been served with a divorce petition, it will feel like a big step into the unknown.

Whatever the circumstances, we will listen to you and explain the divorce procedure and how the process works. We will always do our best to ensure a divorce goes as smoothly as possible, but if it is contested, we can guide you through it and fight your corner.

We also have specialist experience of more unusual situations such as couples divorcing later in life or those involving religious law such as Jewish Gets.
Family law is inherently complex. For thoughtful, expert advice do get in touch.
After losing hope with my first lawyer who was unable to rectify the issues during a complicated matrimonial divorce, I switched to Juliette. Unlike my previous lawyer, Juliette was able to persevere with my case in a swift and effective manner. She managed to resolve many predicaments to my divorce and draw it briskly to a close. I strongly recommend her services.
Juliette Peters was my only choice for a London law firm partner who had the experience and expertise to oversee what I knew would be a long and complicated divorce. I never had anything less than complete confidence in Juliette’s judgement. She oversaw coordination day-to-day, and also secured a barrister, who was a brilliant, game changing advocate.
It was a pleasure to work alongside Juliette and her specialist team on my divorce case. Juliette provided sound and realistic advice throughout which enabled the case to be settled expeditiously without running all the way to a costly Final Hearing.
Juliette and Jessica worked in partnership to get me the fair financial result that I wanted. I will be eternally grateful to them for their guidance, strength and humour at a very difficult time.
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