When unmarried couples decide to separate, issues surrounding the breakdown still need to be resolved. The situation can be complex as unmarried couples do not have the protection of the law which deals with the breakdown of a marriage.

I appreciated Juliette’s no nonsense calm approach and also her kindness through a very difficult personal time – with the result that matters settled exactly as she had advised when I initially consulted her.
There is no such thing as a common law wife or husband and claims between unmarried couples are governed by property and trust law. Perhaps your partner owns the family home in their sole name, but you contributed to the acquisition? Or perhaps you jointly own the property but you did not sign a declaration of trust setting out your respective shares?

We encourage clients to reach agreement on property issues upon separation, but if the ownership of your home remains in dispute, we can help you make an application to court to quantify the beneficial interest of each party.

If you and your partner have separated but have children together, you may be able to establish a legal claim for a property to be purchased or preserved for your children. We can help you reach an agreement with your former partner in respect of housing for the children, but if no agreement can be reached, we are experienced in making the appropriate application to court.
Family law is inherently complex. For thoughtful, expert advice do get in touch.
Right from our first meeting, when I didn’t know which way to turn and spent an awful amount of time crying, Juliette showed compassion and understanding talking me through the process ahead. The outcome was just as she had predicted, which I am very happy with.
Juliette and Jessica worked in partnership to get me the fair financial result that I wanted. I will be eternally grateful to them for their guidance, strength and humour at a very difficult time.
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