We have specialist experience working with clients in same sex relationships and understand the unique issues that result from breakdowns in same sex marriages and civil partnerships.

I never had anything less than complete confidence in Juliette’s judgement. She oversaw coordination day to day, and also secured a barrister, who was a brilliant, game changing advocate.
As with all partnerships, things can go wrong and we can advise on how to obtain a dissolution whilst managing any financial claims that need to be made to reach a fair settlement. Where children are concerned, we can help you resolve issues such as where they will live, contact arrangements and ongoing child maintenance.
Family law is inherently complex. For thoughtful, expert advice do get in touch.
Right from our first meeting, when I didn’t know which way to turn and spent an awful amount of time crying, Juliette showed compassion and understanding talking me through the process ahead. The outcome was just as she had predicted, which I am very happy with.
I appreciated Juliette’s no nonsense calm approach and also her kindness through a very difficult personal time – with the result that matters settled exactly as she had advised when I initially consulted her.
Juliette and Jessica worked in partnership to get me the fair financial result that I wanted. I will be eternally grateful to them for their guidance, strength and humour at a very difficult time.
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