In extreme situations, it can be necessary to take emergency steps and apply to the court for an injunction. This can be in the form of a freezing injunction to secure assets, an occupation order to remove someone from the home or a non-molestation order in the case of domestic abuse.
Family law is inherently complex. For thoughtful, expert advice do get in touch.
Juliette was not fazed by anything that occurred, which involved dealing with other agencies with regard to safeguarding, domestic violence, coercive control and stalking.
My Husband retained my young daughter after a weekend contact visit and made false allegations that I was an unfit Mother, leaving me distraught. Juliette made an emergency Court application for me and we got my daughter back. Juliette reassured me all the way through and gave me the confidence to carry on. I can’t thank her enough.
Juliette and Jessica worked in partnership to get me the fair financial result that I wanted. I will be eternally grateful to them for their guidance, strength and humour at a very difficult time.
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